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We work with clients on all phases of the design and construction process, from nurturing an idea to developing a design to quoting and building from finished plans. We can enter the process at any point the client desires.

If you’re just beginning to think about a project, a good place to start is with developing a program, basically a description of what you want done. If an architect or designer has been retained, program development typically stems from that person, although we’ve found that a builder’s input at this stage can be quite useful. The program document can circulate between client, architect and builder for comment and revision until it is finalized. When design development begins, the program remains subject to change as floor plans, elevations and budgeting emerge and influence the project parameters.

For design development, if you haven’t selected an architect or designer, we can recommend and work with long-established, local architects with extensive portfolios in residential design in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. You would meet with candidates, and when you choose one, there would follow rounds of design, comment and revision until you are completely satisfied with the plan.

When we’re brought in to quote an existing set of plans, we offer at no charge a design review in which we examine floor plans and construction specifications with an eye to ensuring that they optimize the use of living and storage space and that they efficiently and economically employ materials and construction processes. In this phase, there may be fine-tuning of elements such as window and door placement, closet sizes and locations, kitchen layouts, and more. With the completion of this phase, an accurate project budget can be developed.

To develop a project budget, we compile job-specific quotes from our subcontractors and vendors, employ current unit costs and work up realistic allowances based on the client’s general specifications so that every conceivable aspect of the project is priced into the more than 150 line items that comprise our budget spreadsheet. To this total we add a contingency amount, typically 10% to 15%, to cover plan, material and product changes and discovery of unforeseeable conditions. Along with a budget, we also develop a project schedule showing completion inspection dates for all major construction milestones.

When Raise High is awarded a job, we routinely contract with clients on a cost-plus basis, which means they pay exactly what we pay our subcontractors and vendors plus a percentage of all such costs as a construction management fee. And that’s it. At regular intervals during construction, the client receives documentation of all costs to date, including breakdowns across all the project budget line items and comparisons of actual costs to budgeted amounts. Along with this accounting, we schedule regular client meetings to discuss progress, scheduling and changes, all the way to completion.

At the heart of our operation, our construction team consists of seasoned tradesmen, craftsmen and subcontractors who are among the best in their business. They are fully licensed and insured and have typically worked with us for many years. They offer very competitive project pricing, which passes directly to the client. Under our direction and supervision, our subs expertly execute the plan and any changes that may arise and generally work at the top levels of their craft to achieve exemplary results.